I put shame to bed to enjoy this perpetual optimism.

Here it is, girls (and occasional guy). I took Momentum Handbag down at the beginning of this year (see? Look at the URL). The manufacturing part was killing me. Making handbags is now officially a HOBBY.

At the start of 2017 I put shame to bed to enjoy the perpetual optimism that my dear friend and mentor Larry Briggs of V2A Solutions says characterizes the behavior of creative people. I'm a "Merchant/Innovator" which translates to being ultra-positive just about all the time because M/I's live inside a steady stream of possibility. We SELL, even to OURSELVES. If you have a problem, toss it our way - they're like candy to us.

He also says SHAME fuels many businesses (hey, Larry, chime in). I agree in part because the only reason I wouldn't stop the starry-eyed pursuit of handbag perfection was because I was too embarrassed to admit "failure", whatever that means. 

The pain has been mourned already because we don't do pain very long, and this happened: My friend Toni was an architect. We used to walk/drive around Seattle to her steady chirp of "I designed that". "That's mine." "I did that garage." Last November we reunited, via lots of happy chatter. She said she discovered that she resented architecture and reinvented herself.  Wha'...?! You can DO THAT!?! Yes... 

We went to Toni's studio. When I asked what she wanted more than anything, what she pined for her whole life, real tears came to both of our eyes. "To create a stationery line!"


Her problem, my candy. I had prayed for collaboration for years! We worked for WEEKS, creatively stoked our fires. We Instagram-messaged and texted ideas CONSTANTLY (simultaneously, from airports, no joke), snipped papers, copied, painted, laughed HARD, and came up with a solid line of products based on her art and our four pillars: Intuitive, Practical, Relevant, Honest. It's been heaven. We hatched Spot On Paper Stationery, and launched our first collection: www.spotonpaper.net/shop , a precious little start. Wholesale inquiries most welcomed! ;)

You've been so wonderful. I still sew and sell handbags from my Personal FB Page and Momentum Handbag's FB Page. I have inventory at Be Chic Boutique and on Amazon. I will always do you a Handbag Intervention if you call me in the night. Nothing changes the fact that we get in and out of our bags over 1200 times a year! You need the right bag! I hope you'll come along for this ride, too, because I love your company and I love you! I think you know that...


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  • Sharon Hooper on

    Winnie, you make my heart sing! Starting a new line, a new idea, a new style…takes great courage…and a dose of magic and love. You have all the ingredients, Winnie and Toni. Re-invention Congratulations!I can already see the long line waiting to order your creations at the New York Stationery Show.

  • Kappy Trigg on

    It’s a spectacular combo! Here here!

  • WInnie on

    Thank you, friends. It’s pretty nutty out here in creative-land. Larry understands the process WA-A-Y better than I plan to anytime soon. Dang it I love you folks….

  • Larry Briggs on

    Us creative types learn about ourselves and our ideas, and we must decide who we do this for. It becomes a journey not for the faint of heart. Winnie, thanks for the way you share your heart with us by sharing yourself and your amazing creations. Keep it up. You bless us in the process and the way you welcome us into the journey.

  • Tessa on

    I am SO happy for you and your new venture! Relieved you won’t totally give up making handbags, Winnie but super excited about this new stationery line. Looking forward to seeing your creativity shine in a new light!

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