The Summer of Paper

Determination and adrenaline got us launched in January.  Here we are in August with a whole bunch more stuff to do to keep the momentum going: A catalog (OH MY), paperwork (DREADFUL), refining our systems, (ONGOING), fulfilling orders (HURRAY!), and new collections (EXCITING).  
Which leaves me to the question, "When do I get to paint?".  I realized that I haven't painted anything new all summer.  ALL SUMMER.  I have a cache of images in my phone that I snapped in Paris in the spring and not one painting to show for it.  During one of our Facetime meetings this week Winnie and I landed on this dilemma and agreed that I needed to schedule my studio time to paint.  Kind of like making an appointment with your husband....if you know what I mean.  It's come to that.  Of course I can see myself sabotaging this appointment by always jumping over to my list of deadlines which has taken over my art journal where I used to paste up mini collages, inspiring doodles, etc.  It's ridiculous.  So in order to have some sort of control I'm writing this blahg so that there is some sort of accountability.  I think this could be a great place to give you (audience?) a peek behind the scenes and I can show and tell at the same time.
So my table is cleaned off and my water bottles are full.  Stay tuned for the results of my weekend with paper.....and paint.
Merci for listening!

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