Toni at Work   Super models in Paris   Paris streets, with "Twinkle's Little Sister" 

Toni Santos and Winnie Brumsickle of Spot On Collective Stationery & Gift launched their first collection in 2017. We are friends and co-designers, happily engaged in our "latter half strategy" to fulfill our dreams of offering compelling, sophisticated products primarily to stores in the Stationery and Gift markets. We offer incredible strength in our combined retail, wholesale, toy and gift market experience. As a (rather intense) artist + designer team, we look forward to the launch of many more collections of stunning paper and gift products. We rely heavily on our four product pillars: Relevant, Intuitive, Honest and Practical, and base every decision, every design, every moment of our work together on these powerful principles. We look forward to blowing your socks right off with our vision of never-before-seen products that will keep you profitable and delighted. Please feel absolutely free to contact us with ideas and input, we cherish your ideas!